Tricks to enhance your mental well being

Posted on september 6th, 2014 by admin

‘Survival of the fittest’ was a scientific theory proposed by Darwin that shed light on the significant aspect claiming that adaptation of a particular organism to a particular environment is very necessary for surviving any entity in this world. Though the theory has been proposed thousands of years back but it still hold true in this globalised and technically advanced world. Well, you all may wonder how this is possible but, an individual with great intelligence and sharp brain activity always leads the race and emerges as a winner.
A particular individual with a sharp brain function can achieve any set results and fulfill his dreams without being working tirelessly, whereas a person who works day and night but is a slow learner takes time to plunge the success ladder. The main difference between the two is only of the brain activity with one using it fully and effectively, while the other one needs to sharpen his skills and brain function to become a master of his own.
How to fine tuning your mental activity?
In this competitive world, it has become a dire need to be quick, active and always give your best shot. But, at some or the other stage you may feel that your brain is not functioning properly or effectively. And this is not the time to feel depressed but instead make your brain sharp by some simple and easy tricks to keep your brain active for 24×7 and emerge as subjugate in your respective field.
Implement challenging and brain stimulating activities to your daily routine to enhance and preserve your cognitive abilities such as
• Involve in some creative art work such as painting and crafts or go on to achieve your childhood hobby of some adventurous or artistic task.

• Relive your stressed brain by listening to soft music, singing songs loudly or with your colleagues or friends or indulge in some musical class or play any musical instruments like piano or guitar.

• Read newspaper daily to enhance your vocabulary and learning skills and as a result improve your brain activity.

• Learn new things such as cooking new dishes, learning new languages, improve your knowledge by reading books or surfing internet.

• Solve some puzzles such as crosswords, Sudoku, etc; avoid use of calculator and solve some mathematical problems.

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