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Heartgard Plus for Dogs is a great product for pet owners wanting to combine heartworm prevention with the control of intestinal worms. With products such as this, that are needed year round throughout the life of your pet it is useful to find a cheap and reliable source.

Heartgard Plus for dogs is one of the most popular heartworm prevention medications available in the market today. It is also approved by Food and Drug Administration. It’s responsibility of the pet owner to do whatever he can do to protect his dog from heartworms. It’s a very dangerous disease that the canine family is very susceptible to, and it can lead to pet death if not treated. In fact, it’s such a serious disease that it can sometimes even be fatal With treatment.

The heartworm lays its eggs in the dog’s heart, and when they hatch, the dog’s heart is filled with the worms so that it can not beat properly. Heartworms is spread through mosquito bites, as mosquitoes can carry the worm larvae, so dogs who live in tropical climates are particularly susceptible to it. However, any dog in any location can potentially get this disease if not protected with medication. While cats can get it too, it’s far more rare in the feline species.

With the great chewable form now obtainable it is Heartgard Plus which is now a lot more prevalent than the customary Heartgard. It is just a treat for every animals and this merely makes it easier to give every month. No more attempting to conceal the pill in chow and then discovering it on the floor. The scrumptious treat will easily be scoffed down in no time at all. And the main reason apart from this why further people are purchasing it is because as well as treating for heartworms we furthermore get the supplementary advantage of getting rid of hook worms and roundworms.

Heartgard Plus medication does not prevent larval heartworms infecting your dog, it stops them living long enough to cause any problem. The way the heartworm medicine aspect of Heartgard Plus medication works is in a retrospective manner. Each month your dog is given his chewable and the active ingredient slowly destroys all heartworm larvae which have infected the blood during the previous thirty days. Because the drug works backwards, eliminating parasites before they can progress to adulthood, it is crucial that the treatment is given every month. Otherwise larvae deposited in your dog’s bloodstream via a mosquito bite can grow and eventually reproduce. Although Ivermectin heartworm medications are good at eliminating larvae which have been in the system longer than a month, their efficiency reduces as the larvae grow.

The most effective way of preventing such infection from the feces, urine or saliva of your dog is to ensure that people observe proper hygiene after touching the dog. Also since saliva from the dog can transfer to pillows and rugs, ask your friends and family to keep the pet away from places where children play.

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